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Welcome to the website of Jacobs Kosjere Catering. Jacobs Kosjere Catering opened in 1990 under the supervision of the Rabbinate of The Hague to cater meals, receptions and all kinds of functions throughout The Netherlands. Since our relocation to Amsterdam in 2000 we have been certified by the Kashrut authority of the Rabbinate of the Orthodox Jewish Community of Amsterdam.

We have many years' experience cooperating with hotels, restaurants and other venues across The Netherlands. The cooperation is always pleasant, amicable and professional. The venue staff and management whilst often unfamiliar with kashrut requirements, are always pleased and very satisfied with our service.

Jacobs Kosjere Catering focuses on three offerings:

1. Shuly’s Kitchen

We prepare a wide variety of take-away products under the label of Shuly’s Kitchen; these are sold via Mouwes Koshere Delicatessen. Click here for our menu selection. The address of Mouwes is Kastelenstraat 261, 1082 EG Amsterdam.

2. Tourist service

We have many years of experience catering for tourists' requirements. On a weekly basis, we prepare Shabbat meals for groups, families and individuals visiting The Netherlands. If necessary, we are able to deliver meals to hotels in and around Amsterdam, on Fridays. When required, we also endeavor to deliver our meals further afield, beyond the Amsterdam region. The meals are delivered on sealed disposable plates. Please email for details of our Shabbat menu and order instructions.

3. Simcha planning and other functions

We organise and manage all kinds of functions. Not only the food, but also the venue decor and/or the party planning. We work with renowned hotels and venues and are well-positioned to assist you. Please email us for further information.

Jacobs Kosjere Catering

Shuly Elburg
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